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Hi, this is the fancy disclaimer part where I have to say that nothing in life is guaranteed (duh). We're all adults here, so I'll be brief... just remember that not everyone can build or run a profitable business, regardless of how powerful their marketing tools are. There are no guarantees of profit or any other specific results for that matter. Results of course can vary depending on lots of things. This product is only for those that already have a successful business, understand that all businesses are different and that everything in business and life carries at least some degree of risk, and are willing to actually use and apply ConvertPods to their own business.

PS - If you're reading this part of the page, it could be possible that we haven't earned your trust... (yet) ... either that or you just like reading the fine print to check your eyesight ;)

Either way, we do politely ask that you would give us a chance to show you around an actual pod by joining the free demo above. There's nothing scary, no catches, just check us out and see if our technology can help your business. Enjoy!

Alan Magliocca
(the owner and guy with the goatee in the ads)