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What is ConvertPods?
Simply put, ConvertPods is leading entrepreneurs into a new era of automation, specifically designed to use any video or audio file and convert your viewers into customers through unmanned marketing experiences.

ConvertPods is an online platform that allows entrepreneurs to upload their audio and video content to create virtual experiences (called "PodSpaces" ), that capture their audience's attention and convert them into action-takers using various automations through our platform.

Once your PodSpace is created, you can use it to automatically convert your viewers into customers, with 100% CONTROL over what your viewers see and do.

Entrepreneurs and business owners around the world with little to no technical knowledge are now able to create these automated experiences, which are specifically designed to drive conversions for their business.

As you can see in the image below, ConvertPods is already emerging as the new era of marketing to quickly, easily, and automatically convert your viewers into action-takers.
While some of the “old ways” can still be effective, customers are getting tired of the way businesses connect with them.

For example, after seeing so many banner ads in the 1990's, viewers became “banner blind” - meaning they didn’t even see the ads anymore. After they drove past countless billboards on the highway, they stopped noticing them. After hearing endless radio commercials, now they simply turn down the volume to tune them out. And now when they buy a product online, they get "customer fatigue" from going through a seemingly endless sales funnel that pitches them one upsell after another.

In short, your audience is not only“blind” to ads anymore, they’re NUMB.

That’s why ConvertPods was created: to solve this massive problem for entrepreneurs just like you.

We've Solved This Massive Problem:

Without you having to be present

Without you having to be technical

Without you having to be a marketer

Without you having to be an entrepreneur with deep pockets

How Does ConvertPods Work?


Upload any audio or video file into the ConvertPods platform and customize your PodSpace settings


Get your PodSpace active and start automatically converting your viewers into customers

Dial In & Scale

Optimize your PodSpace to increase your audience size and grow your customer base to boost revenue
Who Uses ConvertPods?

Anyone Who Has a Sales Funnel Or Website

Website owners and digital marketers running offers through sales funnels are now using ConvertPods to better monetize every visitor. Now users can create a "Smart Snippet" and add it to any website or funnel page, making it super easy to have their own PodSpace live and running in just minutes!

Webinar Owners

Over the past few years, live webinar revenue has massively declined in many industries. This has caused the "evergreen webinar" business model to rise in popularity. The problem now is that evergreen webinar software doesn’t truly capture that feeling of being live anymore. That’s why both webinar and evergreen webinar owners alike are making the switch to ConvertPods. Our unique technology automatically attracts, engages, and converts your audience into happy, loyal customers and clients!

Podcast Owners

Many podcasters are now becoming aware of how much money they've been leaving on the table. The average podcaster can charge around $18 per 1000 viewers for a 30 second ad. But now that ConvertPods has entered the scene, podcasters have the ability to  generate exponentially more revenue from the same 1000 viewers. If you already have podcast video or audio content recorded, why not repurpose the content to convert viewers to more revenue?

Agency Owners

As an agency owner, you must always have the most recent and most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal. That's why ConvertPods is an absolute must for you.

Imagine being the first to introduce the ConvertPods platform to your clients. Imagine being one of the first experts in creating PodSpaces through our platform.  Imagine being able to leverage our PodZaps function to share full Campaigns and Templates with your clients using this brand new marketing tool. Welcome to the future of your agency!

Local Business Owners & Solopreneurs

Over the past few years, local business owners have come to realize how important it is to be able to generate revenue online. If their store was forced to close it's doors tomorrow, would they be able to survive without an online presence?

As a local business owner, you can now create PodSpaces with content based around whatever products and services you sell. This positions you as an expert in your field, which attracts highly targeted and motivated leads into your business. Before you know it, you could be a leading local company in your industry!


If you are a C-suite employee or decision maker in your company, it's important to always be aware of ways to gain a competitive advantage wherever possible. That's why company leaders are choosing ConvertPods to grow their companies’ audiences, engagement, and revenue with this untapped distribution channel.

Boost awareness for your brand, grow your audience, and increase your revenue each quarter through our next generation technology. Don't get left behind in this opportunity to become a hero in your company. The future is here. Take advantage before your competitors find us!

Why Is ConvertPods An

Absolute Must For My Business?


Reason #1: PodSpaces Are Uniquely Designed

Remember, your customers are not just blind now, but also numb to traditional marketing and advertising channels. ConvertPods is a new & unique space that’s designed to make your viewers feel engaged, included, and even comfortable. As your viewers spend time digesting the content in your PodSpace, they become more open to taking whatever actions you want them to take.

Reason #2: Monetize Virtually Any Video Or Audio

Since ConvertPods is the first of its kind, we really don’t have any direct competition. What makes us so unique is that we have not only designed our platform to play video files for things like evergreen webinars and sales videos, but we have also designed our platform to uniquely play audio files. And with over 270+ built-in themes, you'll have no issues building the perfect PodSpace experience for your audience.

With the explosive current and future growth projections of podcasts, it's important not to get left behind. Podcasts are currently a massive trend, with no signs of slowing down in growth. However, they are also under-monetized because they aren’t really being used to sell anything. This presents a great opportunity for podcasters who want to repurpose their content to significantly boost their content’s monetization and profitability. ConvertPods makes this possible for the first time in history.

Reason #3: PodSpaces Can Boost Conversions With All Business Types - Yes, Even YOURS.

ConvertPods isn’t just for entrepreneurs wanting to use webinars, podcasts, and sales videos to convert their viewers into customers. This amazing technology can be used with virtually any and all business types for almost any purpose you could possibly dream of.

Imagine a church who records their weekly services. Within minutes they could upload their footage into a PodSpace to get more donations from their audience with the tap of a button.

Now imagine a garage door company recording little “how to” videos on garage door maintenance and then uploading the footage into a PodSpace. And in that PodSpace there’s a button that users can simply tap to call the company directly. 

Just think about how easy it will be for your audience to take the actions you want them to take! You simply can’t do this through a tv commercial, radio ad, podcast, webinar, on distracting social media sites, or virtually anywhere else.

Reason #4: Plug & Play Automations

One of the most powerful elements of the ConvertPods technology is not what happens inside the PodSpace, but what happens OUTSIDE the PodSpace.

Let’s face it. It would be virtually impossible for everyone to take the action you want them to within your PodSpace. We’re still human, it’s in our nature to lose focus.

That’s why we have created technology that allows you to follow up with your viewers after they’ve left the PodSpace. You can text them, email them, and even send push notifications to their phones, tablets, and computers to remind them to take whatever action you want them to take.

Imagine being able to connect with your potential customer to get them back into the PodSpace to view your content, to call you, to visit your website, or just connect with them on social media. The possibilities are endless when you’re able to connect and convert even after they stop viewing your content. Pretty amazing, right?

Reason #5: You have Full Control

As entrepreneurs, we all know that the more control we have over our business, the better. If you host your video content on social media or your audio content on podcast platforms, you lose all control and have no ability to collect basic data like name, email address, and phone number.

If someone views part of your video on YouTube or FaceBook then leaves, you have no way to follow up with them. You can’t send notifications to their phone. You can’t follow up with them via email and have them pick up right where they left off in the video. You can’t send them a text to take any actions. You have no control of your audience.

With ConvertPods, you have full control of your audience. This allows you to get the most out of your advertising dollars and efforts by connecting with your audience for days, weeks, months, or even years until they convert into customers!

ConvertPods Unique Features Help Boost YOUR Bottom Line

* See full list of features & integrations in the sections below

Supports Virtually All Major Devices & API's

Pods are supported on virtually all Windows, iOS, & Android Devices for full coverage and simple integration with all major tools you already use in your business. This allows you to seamlessly integrate ConvertPods into your current business, and connect with your audiences on all devices to maximize your bottom line.

Upload Any Video File

Use webinar replays, sales videos (VSLs), interviews, video courses, video content, or any other video files to engage your viewers and get them to take any action you choose. Simply paste your 'MP4' url in the field and then let us magically convert it into an automated machine that turns your audience into action-takers!

Upload Any Audio File

Use podcasts, audio books, interviews, audio sales letters, or any other audio recordings to engage your viewers and get them to take any action you choose! With over 270+ built-in themes, and the ability to create unlimited color schemes, you'll have no issues building the perfect experience for your audience. ConvertPods makes this possible for the first time in history.

Automated Followup Functions 

Although we've built arguably the most engaging marketing app on the planet, humans are still creatures with short attention spans. That's where ConvertPods really shines! Through our platform you can send unmanned followup sequences via SMS text messages, emails, and even push notifications to specific segments of your audience, such as people who didn’t buy, left your PodSpace before the call to action, or didn't stay until the end of your experience.

Hint: Did you know that this feature alone can boost your sales conversions by 200-300% or more?

Deep-Analytics Dashboard 

With our easy-to-interpret dashboard, you can see real-time traffic, lead, and conversion stats all in a beautifully designed interface that will tell you exactly where and how to improve your PodSpaces for optimal conversions.

But because of how crucial it is for your business to understand as much as possible about your audience, we didn't stop there. In addition to the basics, you can drill down on your audience to see who attended your PodSpace but left early, who clicked the CTA but didn't buy, who made a purchase, and so much more.

Auto-Play Files

Since PodSpaces are app-based, they automatically begin playing when your viewers enter, so they get a clean look and feel like they’re live in the room with you. The "browser-based" days are gone. If your audience has to click on the video to play it, the "live feel" is immediately killed. But with ConvertPods you don't have to ever worry, because your event will start on time, every time, 100% automatically.

Automated Action Buttons

Don’t just tell your viewers to visit your site. And don't tell them to "click the link in the chat", only to have it buried in the comments where they can't even find your call to action! The most effective call to action is having a clickable BUTTON. Set your button to drop whenever you want to within your PodSpace, linking your viewers to your website optin page, checkout page, application page, scheduling page to book a call with your team, social media pages, your ecom store, or even have them tap the button to call your company phone number directly. This is the single most important function to get your viewers to take action and become customers, yet NONE of our competitors have this function.

A/B Split Testing

If you want optimal results, you know that split testing is crucial for the success of your campaigns. That's why we've included the ability to run multiple PodSpaces against each other to find a winner (or winners) and scale your business quickly. You can split test multiple video versions, audio versions, buttons, landing pages, waiting room pages, widgets, traffic sources, and more, to better dial in on your ConvertPods Campaign.

Share Campaigns With PodZaps

Our PodZap function allows you to "zap" (or share) full PodSpace campaigns from one account into another account in a single click. If you're an agency owner, you know how powerful this is to send templates to your clients. But it's also an amazing feature for anyone who wants to clone their PodSpaces into other ConvertPod user accounts. 

Elastic Scheduler

We make it super easy and flexible to schedule what times you want to run your experiences. Make your PodSpace automatically start at the top of each hour, every 4 hours, once a day, once a week, instantly, or virtually whenever you want. Just set and forget, and ConvertPods takes care of the rest. You'll never have to attend your events ever again, nor do you need a virtual assistant to "oversee" anything.

Smart Widgets & CPixels

We dislike complication just as much as you do. That's why we've made our widgets "smart".  Our pixel is already built into our widgets using our optin and waiting room page templates, so you don't even have to copy or paste anything. If you would rather use your own funnel or website pages, no problem! Simply paste a couple short codes onto your pages, then invite your audience to join your PodSpace within minutes. 

You may now track detailed conversions and revenue within the ConvertPods platform, and further optimize your PodSpaces with metrics like views, registrations, attendees, and more. You can also customize the look and feel of your widgets to match your desired appearance and brand.

Snowballing Live Chat

Your viewers can chat live as they’re watching the content in your PodSpace, which gives a more personal feeling of belonging and connecting to you. We also store these comments, so as more and more people interact with your PodSpace, your chat thread will continue to grow until you have an evergreen chat box that’s blowing up with positive comments about your business! And don’t worry, you can filter out negative comments to maintain optimal brand integrity.

Demand + Delayed Start Options

If you don’t want users having to wait for your PodSpace to start, you can set it to begin instantly for them. Think of this as an “On Demand” setting that starts your PodSpace from the very beginning, right after your viewer registers, so they don't have to wait.

You can also set your viewers to join an “In Progress” PodSpace. For example, if a viewer registers for your PodSpace that started at 2:00pm, but they don't register until 2:07pm, they will miss the first 7 minutes of your PodSpace and it will start at the 7 minute mark for them. This gives a truly live experience for the viewer because they actually missed the first 7 minutes of your event.

Audience Aggregator

It's one thing to build an audience. It's a whole new level to be able to communicate with specific segments of that audience on a granular level, and through mutliple communication channels. When users enter your PodSpace, they will take different actions. Some will register for your PodSpace but not initially attend. Some will watch the first few minutes then leave. Others will stay until the call to action comes but won't click the button. Still others will click the button but not buy right then. And finally you'll have those that do make the purchase. Since you have all these segments within your audience, it's crucial to connect with them exactly where they are in their buyer journey. In others words, you won't send the same email to a new customer as someone who left your PodSpace early.

That's why ConvertPods allows you to collect segments of your audience and then automatically send them text, email, push notification reminders and followups to take the specific actions you want them to, based on where they're at in your sales process.

PodSpace Playback Memory

When viewers leave a PodSpace experience and later return through your automations, they will pick up at the same point they left off, instead of the starting from the beginning. For example, if someone leaves your PodSpace after watching 35 minutes of it, and then returns at a later time, the PodSpace will begin playing right where they left (at the 35 minute mark). This helps boost user experience and ultimately conversions, because you're not forcing them to re-watch all of the content.

Pod Series

Pods can have playlists - ie load up all my value bombs (any series of content) all into 1 PodSpace, and create “tracks” with CTA buttons for each - another example, can be used for audio books and each chapter CTA button send to book a call with the author

Real-Time SmartChat

Even though you'll never have to physically be present, you still have the ability to appear as you're LIVE in your PodSpace! ConvertPods lets you (or one of your employees) chat LIVE with your attendees to ensure any questions and objections are answered in REAL-TIME. You can send messages both in the public chat and private message attendees in real time, so even though you're not presenting live, you're still present.

Team Member Access

Grant your employees, virtual assistants, and other team members access with specific permissions based on the tasks you need them to handle. You have full control of what you see, and what they see!

Questions Box

Display a questions box within your PodSpace to collect comments, objections, and questions to improve your conversions and understanding of your viewers.

Pod Polling

Create polls and surveys for your viewers within your PodSpace's chat area to get feedback and learn more about your audience and what they want.

Built-In Affiliate Identification

If you have ever launched a product with the support of affiliates, or referral partners, then you know the importance of "hard coding". This basically means that when someone refers a customer to you, they want to be sure they are the one who gets credit for the sale and collect the commissions owed.

That's why we've made it possible to track affiliate commissions as accurately as technology allows, even across various devices! We do this by applying a "sesson ID" to anyone who registers for your PodSpace events.

Once the sesson ID is applied, it's carried with the prospect throughout their buying process. When they purchase, the session ID gets associated with the affiliate ID to ensure everyone gets paid honestly and accurately, for the customers they've referred to you.

3rd Party Tracking

Use tracking codes from 3rd parties like Google and Facebook (Meta) to track where your users are at each step of their buyer journey to optimize your conversions and scale your PodSpaces. Simply copy your pixels, paste them in, click save, and you're all set!

Unlimited Themes & Schemes

We want to ensure you match your brand perfectly, and set the ideal color scheme and theme of your PodSpace. That's why we give you the ability to choose virtually any color combination to fit your brand.

On top of that, we provide you with over 270+ looping video backgrounds to choose from when uploading audio files. That way your viewers stay engaged, and aren't just looking at a blank screen while listening to your audio content. If you can't find a fit from our theme library, that's ok! You also have the option to upload any video or image file to display instead.

The bottom line is this: regardless of the look and feel you want to achieve, we've got you covered!

Automation Templates

You don't have to be  copywriter or marketer to use ConvertPods automations. As a matter of fact, we have  included the ability to simply switch on the "ON" button, and our internal automation templates will trigger to bring your audience back into YOUR PodSpace. This, layered with your 3rd party automations being plugged in, will create a powerful outreach series with multiple touch points to ensure the highest engagment and conversions. 

PodFunnel Templates

You don't have to have a funnel building software to create beautiful, high-converting PodSpace Funnels. Our built-in templates and page editor allows you create both PodSpace registration pages and confirmation pages with all the techy stuff already built into the pages, ready for you to go live! Simply choose one of our proven-to-convert templates, edit the text and images, and done! You now have a simply powerful funnel setup and ready to drive your audience into your PodSpace!

Custom Announcements

Want to keep viewers engaged? Want to instantly boost conversions with real live scarcity? We just knew you would!

That's why we made this feature to be more than just a "title area". This area of the PodSpace is dynamic. This means you can have the text in this area change as your event goes on. There are limitless use cases for this, but a major one would be to provide scarcity.

Imagine being able to announce that your offer expieres in 5 minutes. At the end of 5 minutes, your "discount" button disappears and a "full price" button is not in its place. You could even make the price go up every 5 or 10 minutes, again, the possibilities to catapulting your conversions are endless!

Complete Tutorials 

We don't like anything confusing or techy, and since we treat our clients as we want to be treated, we have created our library of tutorials with the same simplicity. With "share screen" style video tutorials, screenshot images, and easy-to-follow text, you'll never wonder how to do something with ConvertPods. And if for any reason you can't figure something out, our team is excited to assist you to get your PodSpaces launched as quickly and simply as possible.

White Glove Support

Can’t find what you need in our library? Our friendly and highly knowledgeable support staff is eagerly waiting to assist you to ensure you get whatever it is you need.

If you choose our most popular Pro Plan, we will assign you a Dedicated Account Expert to connect with via Skype, SMS Text, & Email Support, in addition to monthly scheduled calls to ensure you're getting results. As a Pro Plan client, we will also setup your first PodSpace campaign for you at no additional cost!
And so many more incredible features to boost your conversions!
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Dan Kennedy

"One thing is certain, waste of anything - a dollar, a lead, a potential customer, a customer - is no longer affordable. This is about demanding performance. As the leader of your business, you must do exactly that. You are no longer going to permit any advertising, marketing, or selling investments to be made without direct and accurate tracking, measurement, and accountability."
Exerpt from his book, "No B.S. Direct Marketing"
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